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Elfworld MC8500 Design Ingenuity Revealed

Explosive good news! Elfworld MC8500 has been launched recently. This is a diaposable vape that is designed exquisitely and works superbly. If you haven't gotten to know him yet, come and find out with me.

The designer of elfworld mc8500 is really admirable. The loose and simple line pattern outlines the air of misty smoke. While the color of macaron echoes different flavors, it also creates a faint and hazy aesthetic feeling.

mc 8500 puffs elfworld

The most unique feature is its mouthpiece, which is stylish and beautiful in the design of dark and light color intervals. When I draw, the device was instantly activated, and the smoke gushed out from the slightly transparent dark pipe, but at the same time lightened the color of the pipe, making it more harmonious.

The designer's ingenuity is not only reflected in the appearance design, but also in its powerful performance. This box of vape has 16ml liquid, 50mg nic salt and a rechargeable 650mah battery. These features ensure that elfworld mc8500 can provide about 8500 puffs, giving you endless moments of vaping pleasure.

Last but most importantly, although the number of flavors of this product is not very large (eight choices), they are all the essence left after thousands of screenings. If you like fruity flavors, I believe Grape ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Triple berry ice, and Juicy peach ice must be suitable for you. If you prefer a cooler taste, try Yummy, Minty, Blue razz ice, and Lush ice.

Although I don’t know if offline retail stores have started selling it, but online vape free shipping can be ordered at any time. Hot flavors are easy to run out of stock, so it is recommended to buy more in advance!

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