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Is Moti Box R7000 Disposable with 1+N Replaceable Pods Structure Better?

Is the disposable vape necessarily all-in-one? Nope. Moti, which specializes in disposables, bravely tells us otherwise! Their latest released moti box r7000 is a two-piece disposable, with a 400mAh rechargeable battery pack and a replaceable pod pre-filled with 16ml of e-liquid.

Let me introduce its basic configuration to you first. This disposable kit contains 50mg vape jucie of nicotine, and the total capacity of 16ml can support you to draw about 7000puffs. Moreover, it is equipped with a high-quality mesh coil, which can promote the smooth and full combustion of e-liquid, ensuring that every puff you smoke is even and delicious.

box r7000 moti vape

As we all know, "better" is often brought about by innovation. The structural innovation of box r7000 is an important highlight. In such a small vape kit, the left side is a classic white battery box, and the right side can be connected to 11 kinds of pods of different flavors in colored boxes.

Than how to do it? No risk of leakage, no threat of dirty hands, no need for disassembly and assembly. With a slight twist, the two parts can be separated. The box on the left is still in use, and if you replace the pod with a new flavor on the right, you will get a new vape.

Through my description above, I believe you have also found that moti box r7000 is indeed a better vape. Friendly reminder: vape online store usa is now available for purchase. Go and act now.

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