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Packwoods Live Resin Diamonds THC-A Disposable 5G

Packwoods Live Resin Diamonds THC-A Disposable 5G

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BlackCraft, a brand empowering self-expression with a darker aesthetic, introduces the Packwoods x BlackCraft THCA Diamonds Disposables. Each contains 2 grams of vape fluid featuring Delta-8, Delta-9P, and THCA in live resin form. These potent vapes, auto-draw activated, charge swiftly with USB-C (charger not included), available in a 5-count display with multiple strain options.

THCA, the precursor to Delta-9 THC, transforms upon vaping. It's lauded for alleviating nausea and inflammation, offering less intoxication than THC. Delta-9P, a natural cannabinoid, provides potent effects, inducing euphoria. Delta-8 THC, derived from hemp flower, shares Delta-9's effects in milder doses, reducing stress, stimulating appetite, and alleviating nausea.

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