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Uwell Caliburn Bar B6000

Uwell Caliburn Bar B6000

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Uwell Caliburn Bar B6000 is a masterpiece of vaping innovation and design. As the first disposable offering in the Caliburn series, it seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality. Encased in a sleek, cyberpunk-patterned translucent shell, it not only serves as a vaping device but also makes a bold style statement.

Beneath its striking exterior, the B6000 excels with an unmatched 12ml e-liquid capacity, ensuring extended and uninterrupted vaping sessions. Each draw delivers a rich and flavorful experience, thanks to its advanced mesh coil technology, inherited from the esteemed Caliburn series. To further enhance the experience, it features Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology, allowing vapers to fine-tune their sessions.

Driving this marvel is a robust 600mAh battery, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. However, what truly sets the B6000 apart is its user-friendly interface. The intuitive e-liquid and battery indicator lights provide real-time information, eliminating any guesswork. With a choice of 15 delectable flavor profiles, ranging from the invigorating 'Cool Mint' to the exotic 'Peach Watermelon', there's a taste sensation to satisfy every palate.

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